Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Deep Discussions with Decapitated Dan: Darick Robertson

Welcome back kiddies! This time we welcome Darick Robertson, all around bad ass artist, into the dungeon. He tells us about his comics, and so much more. So enjoy!

Alright lets start out with a short answer section and get the Usual out of the way.

Name: If you don't already know, this will be a pointless interview.

Age: Old enough,.. yadda yadda

Married/Single/Dating/Other: Married to a formerly Single woman who I was Dating and no Other since.

Pets: Cat, Tango. Rat, Kirby.

Highest Education Level: Just High School and the School Of Hard Knocks.

High School Mascot: the 'Aragon Don', which I designed for my school and they're still using actually.

First Job: Cook/Cleaner Chicken Unlimited.

Favorite thing to eat at the movies:
Popcorn and Junior Mints.

Staying with short answers lets talk about what you do:

Comic(s) you created Before 1995:
Space Beaver, Ripfire, co-created Nightman and designed all the Strangers for Malibu's Ultraverse.

From 1995 - June 16, 2005:
Transmetropolitan, The Boys.

June 17, 2005 - The end of time:
I'll get back to you on that.

Alright all that stuff aside lets get to the meat of the interview:

What do you do when not making comics?
Spend time with my wife and kids, hang out with friends, travel whenever possible, play guitar and sing.

Favorite TV Shows past and present?
Currently loving: Mad Men, Breaking Bad, Weeds, Simpsons and South Park, Entourage, Bored To Death, Curb your Enthusiasm, Flight Of the Conchords.

Favorite past: Spaced, Jekyll, Red Dwarf, Sopranos, Six Feet Under, Malcolm in the Middle...

You're stranded on a desert island for 5 years. You get one comic to read, what is it (trades are allowed)?
I hate these kinds of choices. I'm a mad collector and have as much stuff as I can hold onto. But it would have to come down to my hardcover Frank Miller Batman collection.

When you were 10 what were you for Halloween?

Favorite Music when you were 6, 16 and 26?
6- EARLY Olivia Newton-John (pre-Grease), Abba, and other pop that my older sister listened to.

16- That was my transition year: Van Halen, REO Speedwagon, U2, The Ramones, Joe Jackson, The Smiths The Cure, English Beat, Roxy Music, Talking Heads, Duran Duran, The Stranglers...

26- Mid nineties stuff, all of the above and discovered Jellyfish, Sarah McLachlan, Gin Blossoms, Tori Amos, Better Than Ezra, Del Amitri, Fastball, Green Day, the PIxies,

I give you a remote control car. You get to choose one action figure to put in it to be a driver. Who is that character and where would you take it to play with it?
The most posable one that fits the scale and can look believable behind the wheel, that fits the them of the car.

Back to comic stuff for now. Knowing that Iceman is the greatest hero of all time, why do you think he is so underused?
Too easy to defeat, and acts like jack-ass too often.

If you were to make a comic about the life of a house wife circa 1950. What would the title be and sell me on a quick pitch? Go!
Suburban Hell. 50's house wife by day gets into the occult out of boredom, and turns her life upside down with black magic.

We all know you kick ass drawing ? But what do you really want to do when you grow up?
Too late. If I haven't grown up by now, I'm not going to.

Where is the real money at in comic creating?
In movies.

When you're making comics what's going on around you? Music, what kind? Silence? TV on?
Usually TV on to political blah blah or talk radio, sometimes music when the prior gets to be too much.

10 years from now. Where do you see yourself?
New Zealand.

Alright we can finish up with a quick word association game. I will say a word, you give me a quick one sentence response.

Frankenstein? Poor misunderstood bastard.

Space Beaver?
Poor misunderstood bastard.

Transmetropolitan? A smart choice in the 90's.

Horror Comics?
Awesome and poised for a comeback as soon as people regain a sense of

Fruit Stripe Gum? Delicious and affordable.

Great character never properly exploited.

Marvel Comics?
Owned by Disney.

Pillow Fights? Fun with topless girls in 70's films.

Decapitated Dan?
needs a body.

Darick Robertson? Is done!

Thanks so much Darick.
You bet!

If you want to see what Darick is up to check out his site http://darickrobertson.com/

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