Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Deep Discussions with Decapitated Dan: Nick Percival

Welcome back kiddies! This time we welcome Nick Percival into the dungeon. Sit back and relax as he tells us about who he is, what he does, and what we can expect from him in the future. Trust me, you will like what you read!

Alright lets start out with a short answer section and get the usual out of the way.


Still in the snappy thirties...


3 cats (Wiz, Dusty & Mew) and 2 rabbits tha
t I don’t have anything to do with. I think they’re ours.

Highest Education Level:
Er – in the UK, ‘A’ levels...?

First Job:
Comic book store worker (true!)

Favorite place boogie down:
Was the LeadMill - an indie type club –very cool in its d
ay, not so much now.

Favorite Hot Dog toppings?
Just ketchup – a sin, I know.

Staying with short answers lets talk about what you do:

Comic(s) you created Before June 1, 1990:
Some crappy looking stuff in my bedroom...

June 2, 1990 - October 31, 2006:
Judge Dredd, Slain
e, 2000AD covers, posters, lots a stuff...

November 1, 2006 - Today:
Judge Dredd, Slaine, 2000AD, Marvel’s Dead of Night, variou
s covers, cards, film production art and oh, yes, Legends: The Enchanted

Alright all that stuff aside l
ets get to the meat of the interview:

What do you do when not making comics?

Try and get my arse in the gym, try and catch up on my ever growing stack of videogames, movies, books and play with my kids so they remember who I am.

Best and worst video games you ever played?

Best: Silent Hill 2 or Devil May Cry 1. Worst: Dead or Alive Beach Volleyball

Your’e on a tour of Marvel Comics when
you decide to pull the fire alarm. Everyone rushes outside except you. What do you do with the 30 minutes you have to yourself?

Steal Joe Quesada’s paycheck

When you were 10 what were you for Halloween?

Some Zombie thingy. I did go as Spider-Man when I was eight and spent weeks making the costume and then wore it under my regular clothes for school just in case the Green Goblin showed up.

If you were on a boat that was attacked by the Loch Ness Monster, would you:

A. Take a picture with your camera to share with all your friends.
B. Dive into the water and fight the beast with your trusty Swiss Army Knife.

Crap your pants because you didn't think he was real, which for some odd reason proves that the child in you is dead and you need to get your imagination back.

A and then B and probably the crapping bit from C

Back to comic stuff for now.

Knowing that Iceman is the greatest hero of all time, why do you think he is so underused?

I guess because he’s always leaving the wet patch with him everywhere he goes....

Favorite comic character when you were 7, 11 and 18?

Spider-Man, Wolverine, MiracleMan
We all know your artwork is amazing but what do you really want to be when you grow up?

I’m still waiting to get super-powers and working at cloning myself to get more art done and give the wife a treat.

Where is the real money at in comic creating?

Ha! There is none – wait for the large movie options.

When your making comics whats going on around you? Music, what kind? Silence? TV on?

Movie soundtracks, way too many crappy DVD’s, way too many good DVD’s & their commentaries, etc. Frank Darabont gives good commentary.

10 years from now. Where do you see yourself?

In hospital after directing some cool movie.

What do you know about the process of making toothpaste?

I thought they squeezed it out of a sick dog for extra minty freshness.

Alright we can finish up with a quick word association game. I will say a word, you give me a quick one sentence response.

Judge Dredd?

Bloody annoying uniform to draw
and paint.

My lovely original upcoming graphic novel (LEGENDS: The Enchanted) written and painted by yours truly, filled to the brim with all kinds of dark, twisted fairytale goodness
like punk rock Giants, killer fairies, magic beans, bars, cool motorcycles, pissed off trolls, magic, violence, bionics, nightclubs and much, much more...

Horror Comics?
The old EC stuff – excellent!

Dolly Parton?
An old Hannah Montana?

Bisley version every time.

Green Olives?
First thing to go off the Pizza and in the bin.

Bad, bad, bad....

Decapitated Dan?
Shoots from the hip I believe...

Nick Percival?
Is very tired now and waiting for Santa.

Thanks so much Nick.

If you would like to know more about Nick and what he is up to you can go to http://www.nickpercival.com/

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  1. Wow, that guy is really talented! I love the eeriness in his pictures.