Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Deep Discussions with Decapitated Dan: Christopher Yost

Welcome back kiddies. I have lured Christopher Yost into the depths this week to pick his brain about life and everything in between. So sit back and relax as he tells us about who he is, what he does, and what we can expect from him in the future. Trust me, you will like what you read!

Alright lets start out with a short answer section and get the usual out of the way.

Christopher Yost



Highest Education Level:
MFA, University of Southern California

High School Mascot: A Highlander. :)

First Job:
Video Store Clerk.

Favorite Food:

Favorite Hostess Snack Cake:
Twinkie! Its been awhile
Staying with short answers lets talk about what you do (if you want to ad descriptions I guess it would be okay):

Comic(s) you created Before 2000:

October 19, 2000 - October 19, 2003: NONE!

Ocotber 20, 2003 - Today:

Alright all that stuff aside lets get to the meat of the interview:

What do you do when not making comics?
I actually write annimation and occassionaly see my family. I'm the story editor/head writer for the upcoming 'Avengers' animated series, and I've worked on shows like X-Men: Evolution, The Batman, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Fantastic Four, Iron Man, Wolverine and the X-Men, and a couple of direct to DVD animated features, Next Avengers and Hulk Vs.

All time best comic movie you ever saw and why?
I loved X-Men 2. I thought it really realized the spirit of the comic book, that it handled the universe and a large cast of characters, and did it with style.

All time worst comic movie you ever saw and why?
Dark Knight. Ha ha, just kidding.
When you were 9 and 12 what were you for Halloween?
I have no idea. I was a Jawa one year.

Any TV shows grabbing your attention these days?
I'm watching Caprica. It's been kind of fascinating. Lost, Venture Brothers, and I try and keep up with 24. And a ton of reality shows that will go unmentioned.

Favorite music to listen to, right now? I've been on a Beatles kick. Coldplay, Moby... usually just put iTunes on shuffle.

What could you do with a tiki torch, a fish fossil and a big box of Stretch Armstrong action figures?
I have no idea. Play? In torchlight?

Back to comic stuff for now.

Knowing that Iceman is the greatest hero of all time, why do you think he is so underused?
Because he's too awesome. Writers are afraid of him.

Favorite comic character when you were 5, 10 and 15?
Spider-Man, Spider-Man and Spider-Man.

You find a genie lamp, but he only offers you 3 comic related wishes what are they?
This will sound kind of lame, but every thing that I've been lucky enough to work on has been a dream come true. Honestly, I'm living the dream.

Alright your making a comic about a short man who gets 3 feet taller when he puts on his magical underwear. Whats the name of the book and sell me on a quick pitch, Go!
WONDERWEAR, tagline: What's inside his pants will AMAZE you.

We all know your a great writer but what do you really want to be when you grow up?
Artist. I can't draw to save my life.

Where is the real money at in comic creating?

When your making comics whats going on around you? Music, what kind? Silence? TV on?
Usually the TV is on something mindless as I work, I usually do comics at night and animation during the day. Right now, American Idol.

Favorite character you ever created/worked on and why?
Spider-Man. Because he's FUN. I like to laugh, and even in the most horrible situations (like everything I write) there's always an opportunity for a good laugh.

10 years from now. Where do you see yourself?
Wow. I generally don't think that far ahead. It's too scary.

Alright we can finish up with a quick word association game. I will say a word, you give me a quick one sentence response.

Killer of Demons?
First creator owned book, my action comedy... love.

X-Men stories, MAX style.

Horror Comics?
Eh. I've never been scared by a comic.

Peter Pan?
Robin WIlliams was too hairy.

Pteronophobia- Fear of being tickled by feathers?
This interview is getting disturbing.

Coldplay album.

Mr. T?
Awesome, and more influential on me than I realized just the other day.

Decapitated Dan?
I worry about people who know about things like Pteronophobia.

Chris Yost?

Thanks Chris.

To find out more about Chris please go to http://www.yost.tv/

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