Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Zombies that Ate the World: Book 1 – Review

Issue: The Zombies that Ate the World: Book 1 HC
Writer: Jerry Frissen
Artist: Guy Davis
Publisher: Humanoids
Release Date: November 2011
Pages: 120
Price: $24.95

“In Los Angeles in the year 2064, the dead have risen and corpses  live again, cohabiting among us…well, somewhat. As a zombie apocalypse  engulfs America, we follow a group of friends on a their journey to  start a little business of their own…zombie catchers!”

Artwork: 4.5 out of 5
It is not as often as one would think that a comic book has what I  consider to be the perfect pairing of artist and writer, however The Zombies that Ate the World  is one of those books. I have been a big fan of Guy Davis from his  early days on  Baker Street. So it is no surprise to me that I really  love the look of this book. However the perfection in the pairing comes  in when you get to see how well his style fits the storytelling. This is  one specific case of being spot on from panel to panel where the  artwork can tell just as many jokes as the dialogue. I absolutely loved  looking at this book.

Story: 4.5 out of 5
This story is this odd mix of politics, humor and of course gore!  Personally I don’t know how it works so well, because I don’t care for  political type stories, but this book is seriously great. The humor in  what is going on, and I will not spoil anything here (which is very hard  to not do), can easily stand the test of time. Hell it should since the  book takes place in 2064 right? Frissen has a great voice for this  undead world, and this is not your typical zombie comic. The sad thing  is that there is so much more that I would love to see get explored, but  the book ended at page 120!

Dying Breath: 4.5 out of 5
How sad is it that I have a few issues of Metal Hurlant lying  around and I totally forgot about this story being in them until I began  to read it. I loved it back then, but this refresher totally has me on  the hype train. I think most zombie comic fans would love this book,  especially those of you who enjoyed Dead Eyes Open. To me it kind of  played on that same idea, but then added in the funny and this book just  raised its entertainment value because of that. I really want to thank  Davis and Frissen for this one, it is a solid read. From the time I  started reading this until the time I stopped I felt like a zombie, but I  wasn’t craving brains, I was craving more The Zombies that Ate the World!

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