Sunday, August 16, 2009

Interview with Post Mortem Comics

Hey everyone. I just got a chance to ask John Parker, the owner/writer/ and artist of Post Mortem Comics, some questions about the what we PMC. Check it out.

Decapitated Dan: Hey John, thanks for taking the time to talk with me about Post Mortem Comics. What is PMC all about?

John Parker: You are very welcome. It is a pleasure getting to do this interview with you.

Post Mortem Comic Studios was brought to life to bring the old style horror and the newer styles of horror together under one company. We are dedicated to preserving the genre in anyway we can.

DD: What do you feel helps you stand out from the crowd in the Horror Comics genre?

JP: I think what makes us stand out from the rest of the horror genre comics, is that we offer a wider variety of horror than the rest do under one company. From the old Tales from the Crypt style comics to just straight up horror and on to the more graphic hard hitting styles. We will also be offering a couple of kids lines of comics later on this year.

DD: You mention Southern Thrillers as a characteristic on your site. Can you explain what that means?

JP: Southern Thrillers is a term that Scott used to describe some of our stuff. We base a lot of our scripts off of horror stories based here in the south. Also some might not be quite the horror genre and fall more towards the thriller side of things. We love to writer psychological stuff as well as we do the gore.

DD: How many titles are you currently working on (in regards to the company)?

JP: Right now we have 4 running titles released and 9 more titles that will release between now and the first of next year. The four running titles we have going right now are Fever, Dirt, Dorothy Rising and releasing this month the Symbiotic Friends (kids comic)....The 9 titles that will be releasing over the next few months are: The Cursed and the Damned, Operation Silver Moon, Shovel, Grave Robber, Ink, Grave Conditions, The Graveyard Kids,Post Mortem Comics Presents and Snarl.

DD: What influences did you have growing up that led you to want to get into horror comics?

JP: Growing up all I ever wanted to do was draw. I had books on top of books laying around the house where I would sit down and draw pictures of Conan and anything dealing with fantasy art. Two of my older cousins introduced me into the world of fantasy and horror. I think the first comic I remember picking up at thier house was The Savage Sword of Conan and one of the first books I picked up of thiers to read was Stephen King's Carrie. I also remember sneaking into my mom and dad's room one night while they were watching television in the living room and turning on thier tv. I was glued to the screen, scared to death of what I was seeing(The Exorsist). It scared me so bad I couldn't sleep that night, but after that I wanted more. I feel in love the whole horror genre after that.

Also growing up I was a big fan of the old classic horror movies. I use to sit and wait on Saturday for them to come on after the morning cartoons had gone off.

Funny thing was that during high school I hated English. It was the one subject I hated more than anything. It wasn't until about 8 years after high school that I sat down and started writing horror. The stories were in my head and I had to get them out. Ever since then I have been writing horror. My artwork was always horror and fantasy based stuff. Who new the kid that almost failed English would come out as a horror writer. It's funny I guess how things work out.

DD: Do you think that today's books, and even your own can stand up with those books of the past?

JP: I think some of the up and coming writers are very talented. But, now days everyone is having to push the limit so much to keep the crowd drawn in. The kids of today are kind of numb to the old stuff. It doesn't get to them like it got to us. But, I do think yes some of the writers out here can stand up to the old stuff. Will anyone ever be another Stephen King....probably not. He was and is still the master of horror.

DD: What are you currently reading?

JP: Well to tell the truth I am currently reading over scripts for some of the new comics coming up for next year. Making sure the scripts are sound. Also proof reading over my wife's novel Gone Before Midnight that will release next year. I try to read as much as I can but, writing as much as I do, penciling, inking, coloring and publishing as much as I do it is hard to find time for myself just to sit down and read for pleasure anymore.

DD: What can we look forward to from PMC in the future?

JP: Let's see what can you look forward to from Post Mortem over the next few years. Well, we are going to try to have 20 running titles out by next year. Also, we are going to be trying to take two of them over to the silver screen over the next couple of years.

Also we are going to be doing a lot of stuff for Hairball 8 records for the band Grave Robber. Working on the comic series, clothing lines, action figures and eventually a movie based off of the horror band.

DD: If you could sum it all up in a few words what would you say to get people interested in PMC?

JP: Everyone loves a little horror in thier life. Without it life would be boring. Everyone needs to have that one scare, uneasy moment or unpleasent thought that makes their heart skip a beat. That is what we are here for.

DD: Awesome John. Can't wait to see what you have for us to be terrified with in the future.

If you would like to check out any of Post Mortem's titles you can get them through their website , Haven Distribution, Indy Planet, Comic Monkey, Eagle One Media (digital downloads) and Media One (digital downloads). The Graphic Novels will also be available through and at Barnes and Noble stores. The Grave Robber comics and merchandise will be available at Hot Topics nationwide.

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