Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Note from Peter Normanton

For the last nine years the amateur UK based From the Tomb has been terrorising the world of comic books with a variety of interviews and articles plus comic art spanning the last seventy years of comic book terror. Interviews have come from Al Feldstein, Dez Skinn, Joe Sinnott, Eric Powell, Gary Reed, P Craig Russell, and Jamie Delano. A macabre selection of covers have been supplied by Al Feldstein, Eric Pigors, Pete von Sholly, Flint Hasbudak, Peter Szmer and James Fetcher with articles digging up graveyards, repelling Martian invaders and covering virtually every horror comics publisher. If you are a fan of the zombie genre you might want to pick up FTT #25 with eighty pages of putrescent madness.

Earlier this year From the Tomb was dropped by Diamond from its regular schedule. This meant if you were living outside the UK it would no longer be found at your local comic shop. All seemed lost until an anonymous benefactor stepped in to pay the print bill on #27. This has given From the Tomb a second lease of life and the chance to continue on a subscription basis. For the foreseeable future extensive distribution seems a remote prospect, but we have a chance of once again crawling from the grave.

An amazing amount of support has already come in making its future a far brighter prospect.

Issue #28 is already under preparation.

Steve Niles has dared to step into the Tomb to give an interview, and "The Gurch" of Gore Shriek fame has returned with a diabolical cover.

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